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Sticky: Things I've Made
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Rec post:

Veronica Mars gender!swap casting
Buffy the Vampire Slayer race!swap casting
The Great Escape gender!swap casting
Harry Potter gender!swap casting
The Social Network gender!swap casting
The West Wing race!swap casting
Being Human Us as it should have been
Disney Ladies casting
Goong English language casting
Downton Abbey race!swap casting
Almost Famous gender!swap casting

Meta-type Thingies:
Sexuality, Consent, and the Buffyverse
Massive Shipper Manifesto/Rec List

The Bechdel Test Fic-a-Thon
The Three Sentence Fic-a-Thon
The Bechdel Test Fic-a-Thon Episode II: The Sromance Strikes Back
The Not My Ship Comment Fic-a-thon

Things I Like and Things I Don't

Korean Drama Recs: the Sticky Post
[kd] secret place
I've decided to start keeping a post of my recs for Korean dramas to help you figure out what you might want to watch. This won't be a list of all the dramas I watch, just the ones that I think are good enough that other people should watch them too. I'll be updating it as I find new ones, and I'll be making this a sticky post within the next few days. I hope it can lead you on your way to loving Korean TV dramas!

At the moment, all of the listed dramas are available on dramafever and/or hulu. Dramafever officially licenses these dramas, so if you watch there (or on hulu) you are NOT participating in piracy--you're getting things straight from the source. In the future, there might be some dramas that aren't available on those sites (for instance, I've got Capital Scandal on my harddrive at the moment and Resurrection/Rebirth currently torrenting, and I expect to add both of them to this list) and I know that those sites aren't available to all of my friends, so you can PM me if you're trying to find something you don't have access to. I'll try to help you out, though I make no promises.dramas hereCollapse )

sticky: fanfiction: part i: full-length fics (western)
[btvs] hero
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sticky: fanfiction: part ii: kpop and kdramas
[kpop] jump over time
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Infinite ships post
An attempt at an Infinite pimp post that is really just feelings and thoughts all over the place

sticky: fanfiction: part iii: crossovers and drabbles
[cn] the just
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fic: kiss me like they do on the emergency broadcast system
[kpop] fanservice couple
i have hit the point of "screw it, i'll just post it" with this fic, so here it is. also i felt strangely dirty writing this idk.

Title: kiss me like they do on the emergency broadcast system
Fandom: Kpop: Infinite
Characters/Pairings: Sungyeol/Woohyun
Rating: NC-17
A/N: I have been obsessed with this fic for years, and while I LOVE the way it ends, I guess the Wooyeol shipper in me wanted more in this verse, so here is a(n authorized, since the writer seems to have left fandom and I can't get in touch) sequel to someone else's fic.
Summary: It's too late: they've both already fallen, and now it's just a matter of facing it.

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dear yuletide writer
[misc] kindle my heart
Hello, Yuletide Writer!

Thanks in advance for the story! In my experience, the writing is the most enjoyable part of the Yuletide experience, so I really hope that you have a good time working on the story.

I've included some specific thoughts below simply because I know that they can sometimes be helpful, but I will not mind at all if you ignore all of them and go in a different direction that I haven't suggested.

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[kpop] i can see your silhouette
sorry but this is VERY IMPORTANT

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